Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007) Full Movie

Mr. Bean (Atkinson) is attending a raffle. Mr. Bean wins the raffle and claims his prize. The prize is a holiday involving a train journey to Cannes, a Sony video camera, and €200. Bean proceeds to film his trip to the French Riviera beach on the video camera.

Following a misunderstanding involving a taxi at the Gare du Nord railway station in Paris, Bean is forced to make his way on foot, literally walking through Paris (with disastrous effects) towards Gare de Lyon from La Défense to board his next train towards Cannes. He misses his train when his necktie gets stuck while attempting to purchase a sandwich from a vending machine. Upon discovering the train won’t leave for another hour, he has time to sample French seafood at Le Train Bleu restaurant. Not knowing how to speak in French, he accidentally orders oysters and langoustines, which he cannot bring himself to eat. He pours the oysters into a nearby lady’s handbag and eats a whole langoustine without removing the shell.

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